Pillow Talk

Posted on Monday, May 26th, 2014 at 6:28 pm by michelle

When hunting for the perfect pillows for your bed, chair or couch, where do you go to get a monogrammed pillow?  Can you trust the quality of the embroidery and the quality of the fabric? What will the finish details looks like?

Demand is growing for monograms but pillow suppliers and manufacturers that actually monogram at point of sale and offer excellent quality and design options in fabrics, trim, embroidery threads and monogram designs is rarely found.  For these reasons we’ve decided to expand our custom furniture brand and offer through our sister company, Serendipity Monogram Designs,  the best in Handmade, luxury, decorative throw pillows to decorate in baby’s room, the den, living room, office, garden room, anywhere you want to throw a pillow.  You can even find colorful, chevron patterned, indoor/outdoor pillows for the patio lounge chairs.




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