Charming Historic Southern Architecture

Posted on Thursday, May 10th, 2012 at 6:08 am by michelle

To personally see a restored historic home in Regency style is such a delight for me, especially because there are so few on the West Coast where I live.   While in Savannah, Georgia last month, I made time to break away a bit from watching my husband play in the PGA Champions Tours’ Legends Tournament to join in a Home tour of Historic Homes to see one of my favorites among many others;  the English Regency style homes in the historic district.

This home below was on the tour, it is the Owens-Thomas House and considered by architectural historians to be one of the finest examples of English Regency architecture in America. Inspired by classical antiquity, this style of architecture takes its name from England’s King George IV, who ruled as Prince Regent from 1811 to 1820.

Visit the Owens-Thomas House

Regency:  Style in the decorative arts and architecture produced in England during the regency (1811–20) and reign (1820–30) of George IV.  Designers borrowed both structural and ornamental elements from Greek and Roman antiquity. Egyptian motifs, inspired by Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign of 1798, became part of the Regency fashion. A resurgence of a taste for chinoiserie is seen in imitation bamboo and in “japanned” lacquerwork. The prince’s taste for French furniture popularized pieces ornamented with brass marquetry in the French style. Ornamentation relied on rich contrasts of exotic wood veneers and application of metal or painting rather than extensive carving.

As a designer, the love of architecture comes with the passion of interior design.  Love, love, loved this town of restored homes!  Each one reminded me of a little piece of fine jewelry lying on a velvet lined antique jewelry box crafted in a time and architecture left for us to admire, to ponder and reflect on the painstaking efforts of Craftsmen in an era  gone by.  Working with more primitive manual tools, but  ahead of their day, the skills these carvers, masonry men and builders brought as masters of their art two hundred years ago and longer are practically obsolete with the advent of today’s fast moving, ever changing technology.

Thanks to the ambitions and tenacity of a group of women leaders in the town over the years, a collaborative effort saved these homes from becoming a demolition of  unrecognized treasures in making way for progress or worse, neglect.

The roots, the foliage AKA  Architecture and Interior Design.   When design is applied true to the DNA of a home,  interior creative design naturally and seamlessly adds to and breathes life to the bones, the body of your home, complimenting one another as a marriage of the two becoming one, not ill-fitted or competing one against another.

To personally see  a restored historic home  in Regency style is such a delight especially when there are so few on the West Coast.   While in Savannah, Georgia last month, I took the time to take  Home Tour of Historic homes of several, mainly to see one of my favorites;  the English Regency style homes in the Historic District.


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